H2S Scrub Tanks (400 bbl)


Benoit Rentals has developed a new 400 bbl. tank designed specifically for sour gas completion workovers as well as long term production purposes. Our dual purpose H2S Scrub Tanks are capable of handling and storing sour wellbore fluids in addition to being able to scrub and vent incorporated gas vapours free of H2S.

Our Standard 400bbl H2S Scrub Tanks are built to API 12F Codes are 12' in diameter and measure 20' high. Units have an 8" 3 saddle "L" skid, complete with a 1/4" sloped floor and 3/16" shell and roof. 

All of our stock rental tanks are set up with the following:

  • External paint or external insulation
  • Flat-bottomed floor or sloped-bottomed floor
  • 8" 3 saddle "L" skid
  • Standard inlet, outlet and vent nozzles c/w valves and plugs.
  • 3" external VRU downcomer
  • Sour sealed gaugeboard c/w poly float and internal guides
  • Sour sealed thief hatch
  • Access ladder
  • 2' x 4' manway
  • Lifting lugs
  • Heating source: U-tube burning system or catadyne heating system


  • Internal coating
  • Extra nozzles
  • Fall arrest systems
  • Envirovault enclosure

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