Burner Management Systems


Benoit Rentals offers fully compliant B149-3 Burner Management Systems to accompany our oilfield tanks. These units are utilized as a heating source for liquid that is stored and processed with our tanks. Units are delivered to site with the tanks. They are then installed, approved and fully inspected and permitted in a timely manner.

Our standard units are set up with the following:

  • Complete, all-in-one housing
  • Integral housing and flame cell
  • Burner, mixer, and nozzle
  • Norriseal low level
  • Profire 2100 with external coil
  • Thermocouple and Thermowell
  • Heatrace and preheater
  • BTU range from 250,000 to 750,000
  • Gas manifold with 1" solenoids and pressure switches
  • Electrical fittings and wire to connect all supplied components as well as 12 volt power source
  • Gas fittings and piping to connect existing gas to housing up to ten feet away

New and used purchase pricing and rental options are available.

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