1,000 bbl Tanks


Our Standard 1000bbl (160m3) Production Tanks are built to API 12F and are 15’3” in diameter and 32’ feet tall. Units have a flat ¼” floor and 3/16” shell and roof.

All of our stock rental tanks are standardly equipped with the following:

  • External paint or external tnsulation
  • Atmospheric or sour sealed gaugeboard with poly float and internal guides
  • Sour sealed thief hatch
  • Standard inlet, outlet and vent nozzles with valves and plugs.
  • Access ladder
  • 2’x 4’ manway
  • Hauling pads
  • Lifting lugs
  • Envirovault enclosure
  • Heating source: (U-Tube Burner System or Catadyne Heating System)


  • Coating
  • Extra nozzles
  • Fall arrest systems

New and used purchase pricing and rental options are available.

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